Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Kynslee!

Today is my sweet niece Kynslee's birthday. I am so heartbroken that she was not here to celebrate with us today. Kynslee passed away April 15 due to heart defects she had at birth. Teea and I had the same due date, and went through our pregnancies together. I can still remember the day we both had our ultrasounds, and Ben & Teea found out about Kynslee's heart problem. It was such a devastating day in so many ways. I was so sad for Ben, Teea and Kynslee, and almost guilty for me to be having my 3rd healthy baby.
Jett and Kynslee were born 4 days apart. I truly beleive they have a special connection, coming to us so close together. I know that this is probably a very hard thing for Ben and Teea, to have another baby born so close to Kyns. He is a consistent reminder to them of what she would be doing. I watch them when we are together and I can see the pain in their faces when they look at him and it breaks my heart. Other times I can see he makes them happy, so I hope he can become a happy reminder for them.
Kynslee is a sweet baby with more strength than many adults with what she had to endure while on this earth. I feel very blessed to be counted as her family, and I can't wait for our reunion. I know she is in heaven with my brother EJ, and this helps me stay focused on what truly is important here.
Happy Birthday Kynslee! Thank you for blessing our lives. thank you Ben and Teea for being the amazing people you are. I look up to you and admire you so much. Thank you for that sweet baby girl love you Kynslee!
I treasure this picture that Tiffany took of Kynslee with my kids.


Tiff said...

Oh I love that baby she is so sweet! I am so glad I got to take those pics it will always be a precious moment for me!

Teea Lamb said...

Thank Em! I love ya!