Friday, June 13, 2008

CA Trip!

Finally I am posting again! Last week we went to CA to visit Jay's family. We had a great time and did all of the tourist things we never did when we lived there. We went to muir woods, the beach, oakland zoo, discovery kingdom, a ward picnic, baseball games, the movies, san francisco, the mall, and every where in between. Whew! I am tired just writing it all down! We had a blast and had a great time visiting with family as well. We miss you guys! I don't think we could have fit any more in if we would have wanted to.
The kids had so much fun. At Discovery Kingdom EJ loved the dolphins and whale show. Jaylee was of course a fan of the thrill rides. EJ after a tiny helicopter ride gets off and goes wow mom that blew my mind! He is so funny, he cracks me up!
Of the 100's of pics I took here are a few of our adventures!
Us at Muir woods

At the beach

Hoover Cousins

At Discovery Kingdom

The ride that blew EJ's mind!


Amy said...

How do you get so many pictures of your family that look like you had them taken professionally? We try to do pictures like that when we are out and we seem to have at least one kid picking their nose or screaming. I can't even get Brett to look at the camera!! :)

Bodi Amanda Sophie Laynie said...

I am so glad that you guys had a good time. I can just see Ej saying that the ride blew his mind! He cracks me up! Love ya!

Rachel Smith said...

Yeah for Vacations!!! Your kids are growing way too fast. tell them to slow it down would ya?

Debra Goodey said...

How fun! You have to love vacations. However, I always feel like I need to come home and relax from my vacation. I love the family photo on the beach. It looks like it could be right out of a vacation guide.