Monday, June 23, 2008

Funny Sweet Kids

I love my kids and watching what they do and say.
Jaylee is the sweetest big sister, she is so kind to her brothers. She will always give up what is hers to make her brothers happy. Even when I tell EJ no, she will say "mom its ok I don't care" She is such a sweet heart. We went golfing for family night and she looked at me and said, "mom this is so relaxing" In her cute little voice what a sweet girl.
EJ is a crackup he looked at me the other day after watching a cartoon and said: "oh no mom they were kissing, but it's ok because he is the husband and she is his hunny!" (I don't know where he comes up with this stuff.) I really could write a book with the things he says.
On our trip to CA we discovered that Jett's favorite song is Apologize by One Republic. Weird song for a 9 month old to like, but it totally relaxes him. He can be fussy, we turn the song on and he totally relaxes. If we play it through 2-3 times he will fall asleep, crazy! We know have a copy of this song on standby at all times which really is a lifesaver, silly boy!

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Debra Goodey said...

Your kids are so cute! I am so glad about blogging. Without it, I would never know the fun things that go on in other peoples lives. So, keep those posts coming, we love it.