Friday, May 30, 2008

Last Day of school!

Today was Jaylee's last day as a Kindergartener! She was very excited to inform me that she is now a 1st grader. Mom gets a little excited and sad with each milestone. I wish I could just bottle up her sweet innocence.

We also went to farm country on Tuesday this week. This is always one of EJ's favorite places. He gets to ride a horse what could be better?

On another note. Jett cut his second tooth this morning! Yeah just in time for our CA trip. Maybe now he will be a happy boy seeing Grandma, Grandpa, and cousins. As soon as I get a good picture of his now 2 teeth we will post!


Amy said...

Sending them off to Kindergarten is a little emotional for me, but it is 1st grade that I have a really hard time with! They are there all day, eating lunch and they throw them out on the big playground with all the other kids! But, they always do great.

Melanie said...

I just found your blog! It is so cute. I struggled sending Taylor off to kindergarten, but 1st grade was harder--but only for me. I scheduled time off from work to take her to school and she literally left me at the door. She forgot that I was there and ran right in. I was a bit of a wreck, but she was great! Hang in there!