Sunday, May 25, 2008


Sundays really are my favorite days. I love going to church, coming home and doing nothing, maybe taking a nap, afternoon walk, just being with family. Those are some of my best memories lazy sundays are the best!

Random Sunday thoughts:
Jaylee has really become focused with making small stars at dance, she has wanted to stretch her splits and practice so she is ready when class starts. (too cute) my baby is growing up.
EJ has been offering a lot of our prayers lately, and he really says some funny things. He blesses everyone and everything 6 times. With President Monson as the new prophet EJ has already blessed him in many ways. "Thomas the Prophet", and "Thomas S Monson whose last name is President Monson" To name a few. He keeps us on our toes for sure!
Jett has had a rough day, I sure hope this tooth is close so he can feel a little better!
On a side note Jay just wanted me to do another post because he did not like the picture of his hand at the top of our page! he he.


Rachel Smith said...

Yeah, you got a blog! Watch out, it's addicting...good thing you probably don't have a lot of free time, cuz if you did- it would be sapped up! ...and the most random people ever will start to find you. It's great to keep in touch with us who are far away though! You guys come visit us whenever you want!

Amy said...

Your blog looks great! Debra told me where to find you. Hope you don't mind! :)