Thursday, November 20, 2008

Worse Date Ever Tag

Ooh hard to pick just one. (All names have been changed,he he)
There was the guy who took me to an awful movie stunk like b.o., had bad breath and tried to hold my hand constantly.
Or the guy who took me to my first dance (those are the most awkward) I ran into a net and wound up unconsious. He tried to console me way to much!
Or the guy from the singles ward who on our 1st and only date gave me his future wife interview. what the heck?
The one that take the cake was my Jr Prom. I had broke my Jaw, had to have a shake for dinner. Went with na guy who new we were "just friends" or so I thought. Tried to dance too close all evening. Wanted to dance the fast songs as well, and stepped on my toes repeatedly. Then when he took me home he actually tried to make a move at the door step. Remember I had a broken jaw, and we were friends only! I moved my head and asked him what he was doing. Instead of answering he turned ran and jumped in his car and sped away. Leaving me mad and confused on the door step. It took him 3 months to talk to me again, and gave my pictures to a friend. Poor guy.

This was fun, and makes me so happy I am not in the dating world!

I tag Heidi, Teea, Amanda, Rachel, Jenn, Jaime, and Brittney B. Mainly because I love bad date stories

can't wait for the stories girls!


Amy said...

Ewwww...ackward rejected kiss. Not fun!

Missy and Kevin said...

Those are some funny stories:) Probably not as funny at the time but looking back I'm sure they are entertaining:)