Monday, November 17, 2008

First Haircut, Walking, and Happy Birthday Dad!

Sunday was a fun day at our house. Jett finally got rid of the baby mullet. With his first official haircut. I have held off for so long, because once they have a haircut they look so much older. I have just loved that he looks like a baby, and want him to as long as possible.
Before, business in the front, party in the back!

He didn't like the clippers to much. I think they scared him. :(

After, with his sucker we used to distract him. What a big boy, he looks older already.

Jett also decided that he would start really walking on Sunday. He has been taking steps for awhile, but finally decided to take off. He was so proud of himself, he kept stopping to clap for himself. I will post video later, but here are a few walking pics.

My Dad's birthday was Nov. 7th. Happy Birthday dad. we went to dinner and had a nice little party. Thanks for all you do Dad. Love you!
the kids at dinner with Dad


Debra Goodey said...

Jett is so cute! That first haircut is hard. They go from babies to toddlers. Especially now that he is a full time walker. You know what that means don't you. Time for another one!

PJ - Our life said...

Em, he is so dang cute!! But then again all of your kido's are!!

Rachel Smith said...

Oh, he looks so much older with his big boy haircut! I don't know what to do with bridger's hair...I'm in quite the pickle because I want to let it grow shaggy, but i's getting really poofy on the top and on the back (It's taking on the mullet shape...yikes)

Rachel Smith said...

and Happy Birthday Uncle Scott!

amd said...

First haircut is fun to do. I kept a little bit of my kids hair from their first hair cut. Jett is sure growing up.

Tell your dad, Happy Belated Birthday!!