Friday, May 22, 2009

An Eventful Day!!

It was a great Day at our house today!
EJ graduated from preschool. Sniff..... How are my kids getting so big. He was so cute. Singing his songs and he did his part perfectly. He is growing up to fast. I can not believe it. This kid makes my day. He is a ray of sunshine in our house with his personaliy, and comments that keep us on our toes. He is doing so well academically. Reading beginner books,great at math, and totally ready for Kindergarten. We are proud of you EJ and love you tons!

Jaylee also received a letter she has been waiting on.....The class placement letter from the Dance Club! She could not wait to open it.

When she did, she found she had been placed on th Mini Jazz Club Team! She was so excited! Practically running in place and jumping up and down. Then she hugged me and burst into tears! Which in turn made Mommy tear up. : ) I asked her if she was crying because she was happy. She said. "Mom You are going to be my teacher! I am so excited!" I love that girl. I love that the thing she was most excited for was me to be her teacher! She is such a good girl, and getting so good at dancing for a little 7 year old. I am so proud of her. It was such a fun moment to share together. She is my little princess for sure!

She is going to have a great year! I can't wait to see the growth she has in store, and I can't wait to see the person she is becoming. I love you baby girl!

Dance Fun

We have had some fun times with dance lately!! From our year end skating party, to crazy day at our last day, the fun never stops. And we are pretty cute.

The Year End Party was a "Blast from the Past" Skating party! We had so much fun. Look at how awesome everyone looks. I loved Jaylee's costume, my mom made for her. She is awesome! And Yes that is a mohawk I am sporting. No one can ever say I don't go all out! haha

Jaylee with Bethany her teacher this year! We love you Beth!

Crazy Day with Jazz Club the girls I teach. I love you girls! We had a great time and I taught them some very important skills, like the running man, roger rabbit, etc. Something everyone needs to know hahaha!

Mother's Day, and Brother's birthday's

We had a great Momma's day, over at my Mom's house. We BBQ and had lots of fun together! I am so blessed to have the mother that I have , I love you Mom you are the best. I also am blessed with a great Mother in Law. Love you, Thank you for all you do for us! Being a Mom is my greatest Joy! I love each of my kids and their different personalitles. I am thankful to my Heavenly Father for the opportunity to be a Mother, and are humbled daily at all it entails.

Me and my greatest blessings

My brother's both have birthday's right around Mother's Day. Love you Ben and Andy! You both are great examples to me in so many ways!

Field trip to the Zoo

The zoo is always a favorite for our family. EJ's preschool took a field trip their the end of April and we had a blast. It is always fun to go see and learn about the animals. Here are a few pics of our fun!

This one cracks me up! Can you see our different personalities?

We saw the giraffes "hugging" at the zoo, so when we got home EJ got out all of his animals, and did this.

And then created his own zoo! He is so funny. I love that kid. : )

School Projects

We have been having a lot of fun wih our school projects together. Here are a few pics of what we have been doing.

We did a few projects with egg cartons.
With our dinosaur project we made these stegoaurus's

And what would be spring without caterpillars? My mom watched the kiddos one day, and read them the hungry caterpillar and helped them make these! Which was perfect when we talked about the life cycle of a butterfly. Thanks Mom!

We did a science project of what happens to an egg when put in vinegar. The kids were fascinated to find that the shell got soft. Then we set it back out and it became hard again. Pretty cool!

Reading, Reading, Reading! I have been so impressed with how well the kids are doing with their reading. Jaylee has improved at least a grade level in the past 2 months! She is really taking off. EJ is also doing well with his beginning readers. Not bad for a kid not yet in Kindergarten! Reading time is definately one of my favorite times each day!