Friday, May 22, 2009

Dance Fun

We have had some fun times with dance lately!! From our year end skating party, to crazy day at our last day, the fun never stops. And we are pretty cute.

The Year End Party was a "Blast from the Past" Skating party! We had so much fun. Look at how awesome everyone looks. I loved Jaylee's costume, my mom made for her. She is awesome! And Yes that is a mohawk I am sporting. No one can ever say I don't go all out! haha

Jaylee with Bethany her teacher this year! We love you Beth!

Crazy Day with Jazz Club the girls I teach. I love you girls! We had a great time and I taught them some very important skills, like the running man, roger rabbit, etc. Something everyone needs to know hahaha!


Amy said...

You are totally rockin' the mohawk! It looks like you have had a lot of fun!

Rachel Smith said...

I'm diggin the hair em...but i'm totally stoked about the troll earing!!!