Friday, May 22, 2009

School Projects

We have been having a lot of fun wih our school projects together. Here are a few pics of what we have been doing.

We did a few projects with egg cartons.
With our dinosaur project we made these stegoaurus's

And what would be spring without caterpillars? My mom watched the kiddos one day, and read them the hungry caterpillar and helped them make these! Which was perfect when we talked about the life cycle of a butterfly. Thanks Mom!

We did a science project of what happens to an egg when put in vinegar. The kids were fascinated to find that the shell got soft. Then we set it back out and it became hard again. Pretty cool!

Reading, Reading, Reading! I have been so impressed with how well the kids are doing with their reading. Jaylee has improved at least a grade level in the past 2 months! She is really taking off. EJ is also doing well with his beginning readers. Not bad for a kid not yet in Kindergarten! Reading time is definately one of my favorite times each day!

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Amy said...

It looks like you are doing great with the homeschooling. How do you do it with the little one? Are you going to do it next year too?