Friday, November 13, 2009

October Fun

We had a busy October, here are a few pics of what we have been up too

Early October we took a field trip, with our neighbors across the street to Cornbelly's at Thanksgiving Pointe for Homeschool Day. We had a lot of fun. The kids had a scary moment. The "kiddie" Corn Maze had part knocked down that connected to the huge corn maze, they ended up lost in the "Big" Corn maze for quite a while! They said they sat and prayed then started wlking and finally heard us calling for them, and followed our voices out. Scary moment, but they all said their prayers were answered. Sweet kids.

All of our cute kiddos on the Hayride. Jaylee has so much fun with these girls. We are so lucky to live around so many great families with kids our kids age!

This is after they were lost in the Corn maze, good sports about the whole thing. Which was good, because their mom was nervous! : )

A family night favorite, Pumpkin Carving. It was a lot of fun this year, because the kiddos could do so much more. Except Jett, who just kept trying to eat the pumpkin guts. haha Love it!

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Amy said...

Fun times! I love their faces with the pumpkin guts!!