Monday, November 16, 2009

New Reader

I have a daughter who has found a LOVE for reading. I am so excited. Part of our decision to homeschool, came from her teacher discouraging her reading. Telling her she couldn't read chapter books, etc. (Are you kidding me?) She had been reading them at home for quite a while. She became very discouraged and didn't really like to read.
Well today we have made a step in our journey. We went to the library and she chose 3 books to read. We came home and she read the entire book today!! I am so proud of her. She probably now needs to challenge herself a little more, but everytime she had a spare moment her nose was in her book.
It was so fun to see her enjoy reading again, be happy and love to read. Yeah! we may be succeeding in developing a love for learning in our home.
This may not be a big step for all but definately a big step for Jaylee after last year. Love you bug.

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Deena said...

WOW Emily...that is so great! I have known people who have never graduated college but are brilliant ~ all because of their ability to read and comprehend. To me reading is so important! I learned at 23 that I was dyslexic...I just thought I was dumb and unteachable. What a terrific moment for you and your beautiful little girl. Great job! Read, read, and read some more!

P.S. What a dumb teacher to discourage a child to read anything...that person should be fired!