Thursday, April 29, 2010

Elijah James Lamb

Today April 30, would be your 30th birthday. Oh how I miss you.
I wish you were here.......
to play with my kiddos
to hang out with
to give you a hug
to see your smile
to fight with. haha (we were good at that)
to watch your determination
to see your temper
to see the man you would have grown into
to meet your namesake, he is a lot like you, and I love it
to mend Mom and Dad's broken hearts
to help heal your siblings hearts
to just be you

I am so grateful that I know I will see you again,I can't wait for that sweet reunion. I miss you so much.

I hope that I am still being the big sister you would have wanted, and looked up too, I sure do try.

Happy Birthday to my little brother EJ, oh how I wish I could give you a hug today, and have my kids sing to you.

Love ya bro,

Your big Sis Em


Tiff said...

I am crying a little but that was so sweet I can't imagine how hard that is... You guys are awesome we love ya!!!

Christina and Jeff said...

I'm tearing up as I read this, I'm so sorry. This is such a sweet letter to your brother. I hope you are doing ok.


Sheesh, you made me cry! Your brother is proud of you Em. You are great!

Deena said...

Simply beautiful!

Rachel Smith said...

lets add...
to grow up with and bond with your cousins
Love you em...thinking about you and jay this week esspecially

Jim said...

I came across your blog post as I was preparing to speak to nursing students about coping with losing a pediatric patient. While I only met E.J. on that tragic day in July, he forever influenced my life. I was the Health Lodge Director on that fateful day when our paths crossed and did what I could to save your brother’s life. I failed. However, in that failure many life-altering events began for me. While I know the impact on my life pales in comparison to the grief and loss you endure, I hope you will allow me to share how this event changed my life forever.
I was struggling at the time with properly prioritizing my life. I was pursuing a career in firefighting as an 18 year old and was not following the iron rod as I should. I often would put my career aspirations in front of family and church.
During the tragic incident, a person, I believe was E.J.’s Scout Master, gave your brother a priesthood blessing. To this day, almost 20 years later, I still remember every aspect of the event. I was not capable of performing that ordinance at that time. That day I made a vow to myself that I would be ready and capable at any time to preform priesthood ordinances when called upon to do so. Because of that day, I fully committed to serving an honorable mission that I was blessed to be able to do. I also committed myself to emergency medicine and currently work as a pediatric emergency department nurse. I currently teach the 10-11 year primary class in my ward and each year as we discuss the power of the priesthood, I relate parts of this event with my class as I share my testimony of the power of priesthood ordinances. While my path has not always been straight, it has never veered far. That day, among others in my life have helped me to accomplish this and be the person I am today.

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