Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Simply Having a Wonderful Christmas time!!!

What a busy month. This is definately the most posts ever in one night! 11!! Wow I need to be better. We sure had a great Christmas. It amazes me that even though we have had a rough year, Heavenly Father has still blessed us immensley. I am grateful for the gospel and my testinmony of Christ. I am grateful for times like Christmas when I can truly reflect.
The kids were truly wrapped in the magic of Christmas. I just want to freeze time sometimes, they are so much fun right now. Truly innocent, beleiving, and loving life. I am so blessed to be their mother. I am just amazed that I have been trusted with these sweet spirits. I love my kids. They are the best thing I have ever done!
We had the best Christmas morning, Jaylee got the Julie American girl doll she wanted so badly, EJ got an electronic drum set, and Jett got a guitar. So fun. Jaylee's face was the best when she saw her doll, true wonderment!! EJ ran so fast to his gifts, I couldn't get his picture!! Jett just loved unwrapping everything. It didn't matter what it was, or if it was even his. lol He just ran around opening presents.

After the fun at our house we went to Nanny and Pop-pop's for a yummy breakfast, more presents. They sure spoil us!! We also had a yummy Christmas dinner, playing with our new toys, guitar hero, and other games. Such a fun day.

We just wish we could have all our family together. We sure missed all the Hoover's out in Cali, and wished it would have been possible for us all to be together. We have so much to be grateful for. and truly had a blessed Christmas.

This face says it all. hahaha

Christmas Eve

We had a great time on Christmas Eve at my Mom's. Heidi, Kevin, Andy, us, Mom, dad, G & G Rhodes, G & G Lamb, GG, and my Cousin Rob and his family were all there. We ate a lot of food, played games, guitar hero, jaylee played the piano, acted out the Nativity story and enjoyed each others company. Of course the night ended with the kids getting there new Christmas jammies.

Most pics of Jett have looked like this lately. He doesn't want to hold still for a picure. He is a busy boy!!

Rhodes Family Christmas Party

Grandpa rented out Mellor banquets for the family Christmas party. It was great. Almost everyone came, including Santa. Great times together.

Baking Baking Baking

We went on a baking extravaganza this year. 6 hours of baking. The kids helped for about the first hour, and then lost interest. We made 5 different kinds of cookies, fudge, marshmallows, and chocolate covered pretzels. So good, and so glad we gave 15 plates away. I don't need to eat it all! I had so much fun making it all though!

Christmas Church clothes and decorating the tree!!

I love finding Christmas church clothes for my kids. It is so fun. I thought they looked super cute all dressed up for church!

Love decorating the tree. It is so fun watching the kids faces as they remember things from year to year. So cute

Snow Day and Gingerbread

Last week when it was snowing the kids were begging to make a snowman. So we all bundled up headed outside and made a little snow man family. I didn't expect them to make such big snowmen, I could hardly lift them to put it together. We had a blast, Jett loved eating the snow, and enjoyed an other wise cold day.

We made our annual gingerbread house of course. I think the kids ate more of it then they put on the house. Especially Jett!! They looked super cute in there red Christmas jammies Nanny got for them. They also had all just had there haircut at Heidi Smith's, she has this fun hair color gel she puts in there hair that they LOVE. They looked pretty cute too!

Jazz Club Christmas Party

We had a party at dance right before break. The girls were supposed to bring a "winter accessory" to exchange with someone in their class. They had pizza, and cookies and a whole lot of fun. I love these girls.

EJ Birthday!!!

My EJ turned 6!!! Can you believe it 6. How does time pass so fast???? I love this boy so much. He is tough, tender, funny, handsome, smart, athletic, everything you could ask for. He really has a tender heart. I love the relationship he has with his brother and sister. He loves them so much and shows it. I love watching him grow, this year he has been into Tony Hawk the skateboarder. He got a skateboard and ramp for his birthday and was so excited. Love this little Man
We had a family party the day before, and then he got to choose what he wanted to do for his birthday. We went to Kneaders for breakfast,(soooo yummy) the mall to see Santa, Nanny took him to Build a Bear, then Mom and Dad took him on a date to Pirate Pizza. A fun filled day for a special boy. He had a blast.

Christmas Concert

Jaylee had her Christmas Ballet Concert the beginning of the month. She is growing so much as a dancer, I love watching her. Her ballet teacher Michelle did a great "Masquerade" piece. They did so well with it.
Our cute neighbors were in the concert too. Jaylee loves these girls, they are sweet friends.

Happy Birthday Mom

December 4th my sweet Mom had her birthday. I love my Mom, and am so greatful for her. She is the most loving compassionate giving person I know. When I grow up I hope I am a little like her. Love ya Mom

Jay to DC

Jay went to Washington DC at the beginning of the month. For a work trip. It was a quick trip, but he was able to squeeze in a few of the sites. Wish I could have gone. It gets me excited thinking about all the history there is there.