Thursday, December 10, 2009


EJ keeps me laughing all the time. He says the funniest things. The other day he says to me:
"Nanny and pop-pop told me they are getting me a drum for Christmas"
Me " no I don't think so"
EJ "Yes they told me that. and Jaylee is getting a doll maybe 2"
Me: "What?"
EJ "I don't remember what Jett is getting........ hmmmm oh yeah a kick in the bumm. Pop-pop said we were getting a doll a drum, and a kick in the bum"
Me: "Cracking up and explaining to EJ that pop-pop used to say that to mom all the time, it didn't mean you were really getting a doll, a drum and a kick in the bum.
He was so disappointed.

Then the next morning this conversation
Me: "EJ I think you need a haircut"
EJ " yeah..... no wait I want to grow it out so it is puffy all over"
Me: "what are you talking about?"
EJ "you know its puffy like a circle, then you can stick a comb in it and be a DJ! I want an afro!"
Me: laughing, really EJ
EJ: "Yeah afro's are cool."

He was so sad when I told him his hair wouldn't do an afro.

I love him to death and his sweet personality. He is so fun


Deena said...

So cute Emily! Kids say the funniest things! Afro's ARE cool...oh wait, that whas when I was his age. Maybe not now! You've got super cute kids!

Brit Bennion said...

Hilarious! I miss that cute little boy!

Debra Goodey said...

Kids are the best! You can always count on them to put a smile on your face. You have cute kids!

Amy said...

He is adorable! Watch out....what a little heartbreaker!

Christina and Jeff said...

Kids crack me up!!! Keep posting more fun stories!!!