Thursday, April 30, 2009

We miss you EJ

Today would be my brother "EJ" Elijah James Lamb's 29th birthday. While it has been almost 14 years since he left us that summer of 1995, I miss him every day. EJ we love you and can't wait to be with you again someday.

We always come together each year for a birthday party for him. This is a pic of all of us last night celebrating. We love you, and are grateful we are a forever family.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Easter in St George

We had a fabulous Easter in St George. We loved eating, playing, kickball, shopping, swimming, baseball, golfing, and more eating. hahaha!! We went to the St George temple and watched a film in the visitor center, and had a great time there. We had a great Easter and hope everyone else did too!

This pick cracks me up! Can we say dancer!

Blogger did not want to upload my photos : ( Just imagine how cute the others were.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Dance Club Concert

Friday April 10th was the Dance Club Spring Concert. It was a great show this year. I was so proud of the girls.

Jaylee did so well. It is so fun to watch her on stage, you can really tell she loves it! Watching her walk out in her ballet # was the cutest thing! (thanks Michelle for pointing it out) She had pure joy on her face. So cute! Thanks to her great teachers. She loves you guys. She is having so much fun dancing. What more can you ask for.

Jaylee in her ballet dress. She feels beautiful in this dress! She looks beautiful too.

Her Star team

A few of the Small Stars

EJ and Jaylee after the Concert

Here are the rest of my girls! I love you all. You were awesome. What a great show.

Monday, April 6, 2009

April Easter Fun!

The Family night before Easter we always dye our Easter eggs. The kids are actually being able to do more, which is great for Mom : ) Jaylee and EJ that is, Jett just runs around and yells. This is a tradition we will have forever and I love it. (Minus the dye spills)

We have also tried a few new things this Easter. The big kids and I made paper Mache Easter Eggs. A lot of fun, but what a mess. EJ wondered why we had to put the newspaper in snot to put on the balloon. But, he dug in and had fun, and even blamed me when the goo was in his armpit! (How did I do that haha silly kid) For obvious reasons we don't have pics of the goo phase. Then they loved painting there egg.

Here is the finished project. They turned out so cute!

We also started off April with an Easter Countdown. I put together a basket of 12 eggs with an object and scripture inside. Each night we open the egg and see the object and read the scripture to count down to Easter. Each scripture has to do with The resurrection. It has been a fun great way to teach the kids a little more about Easter. Not just bunnnies, eggs, and candy lol.

We have loved these new Easter traditions, and hope to keep them every year. Hope you are having a great Easter season as well.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Picture Tag

I have been tagged with this one a few times : ) Here I go finally!

This is Jaylee before her Christmas Ballet Recital December of 2006. Could she be cuter?

Here are the rules: Open the 4th folder on your computer, post the 4th picture, and then offer a brief explanation. Then tag 4 people to do the same!

I tag: Heidi, Teea, Mom, Missy

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Kid Answers about Mom

1. What is something Mom always says to you?

Jaylee-Clean my room
EJ- Clean my roon

2. What makes Mom happy?

Jaylee- When we help each other
EJ - Clean for the Easter Bunny to come

3. What makes Mom sad?

Jaylee -When we don't help each other
EJ - Sometimes when you talk in the microphone at church you cry and are sad

4. How does your Mom make you laugh?

Jaylee - Tickle Me
EJ - Ticle us in our armpits

5. What was your Mom like as a child?

Jaylee- Just like me
EJ - you were small, with short hair, maybe like 6 and happy living with Nanny for prayers

6. How old is your Mom?

Jaylee - Something in the 20's
EJ - 18

7. How tall is your Mom?

Jaylee - 26"
EJ - About this big (holds his hands up)

8. What is her favorite thing to do?

Jaylee-Be a mom hug me, and scrapbooking
EJ - working and going shopping

9. What does your Mom do when you are not home?

Jaylee-Do your computer
EJ - Go Shopping, and do school

10.If your Mom becomes famous, what will it be for?

Jaylee- Being the best mom in the world, and maybe dancing
EJ - doing work and dancing good

11. What is your Mom really good at?

Jaylee-being mom

12. What is your Mom's favorite show?

Jaylee- Lost
EJ - Little People, Big World

13. What does your Mom cook best?

Jaylee-Pesto Chicken Pasta, and Potstickers
EJ Potstickers and Pizza

I have some pretty great kids. It is always fun to hear what they have to say, At least they didn't think I was 50 yrs old or anything haha : )

Friday, April 3, 2009

April Fools Fun

My kiddos were very into April fools this year. Jaylee was playing tricks all day, (we are still finding surprises) Takes after her Daddy that way. She switched our toothpaste to the kid one, hid Jay's pillow, switched our silverware drawer to a different one, and anything she could think of. Silly girl : )