Friday, March 27, 2009

Picture Update

From Dance Competitions, to workshops, holidays, science experiments, playing outside, performing at halftimes, family bowling, etc. Here is our picture update of the past few crazy months! This is the busy time of year being a dance teacher, it seems we have a competition every weekend. But, it does make for some great mother daughter time. Jaylee is competing her first solo, and doing so well.

Competition Pics Jaylee's first solo!

good dance friends

At Spotlight where Jaylee made the top ten! 6th overall High Point Solo for age 8 & under solos! A cool thing for those who don't know dance hehe!

Spotlight solo dancers so cute!

Dance Attack Pics! Jaylee had a blast!

I love this picture

The boys that melt my heart

St. Patty's day learning about the gold rush, and panning for gold. Jett even ate the mud. Yum!

Our oil and water science project. We colored the ice cubes. It was pretty cool the kiddos loved it.

Dancing at the Thunder halftime

Playing outside, Jett loves riding the big boy bike. Sniff.... He is getting to big!

Crazy busy here. I will try to do a better job posting, I promise!

Saturday, March 7, 2009


Wow it has been so long since I have posted. Shame on me : ) We have had a crazy month around our house, between Valentines, sicknesses(I had a horrible asthma attack), illness scares(they thought Jaylee had Diabetes) normal family stuff, beginning competiion season (Jaylee competitng her first solo), Deciding to Homeschool Jaylee for the rest of the year(a long story I am happy to share if anyone is interested), Dance Attack workshops, and many other things, we have been crazy busy!!! No excuses, and of course I have plenty o pics to post if I can get around to it!! I apologize I am trying to keep this blog as a family journal and hope to get back on track. love to all!