Saturday, October 10, 2009

Payson Benjamin Lamb

Ben and Teea had their baby on Monday. Boy is he cute. Because of the Swine flu their hospital did't allow visitors under the age of 12. Can I tell you Jaylee was crushed. She was sobbing that she wasn't going to be able to see him that night. I mean ridiculous. I told her we would go to their house Friday when they went home. She thought that was too far away. haha soo funny.
Well she finally told me she was worried he was going to be sick like Kynslee, and wanted to see him to make sure he was ok. So cute.
Friday, Ben and Teea were sweet enough to let us come over, and the kiddos got to hold him. There is nothing like holding a newborn. Teea even let me hog him while we were there. I am sure she doesn't want to let him go.
We are so excited for Ben and Teea, and wish them the happiest times, doing everything with that precious baby boy, and we know big sis Kynslee is looking down with a smile.
I know their hearts will never heal from all they have been through. But it is so wonderful to see them sooo happy. I have missed hearing my brother sound so happy, and seeing Teea just glow makes me happy. Love them and their family of 4!


Jett was kept at a safe distance. haha


Teea Lamb said...

Thanks Em! I loved this post! And the pictures are so cute. I love your kiddos and am glad they will have a cousin again to play with. Thanks for the love and support and for being so happy for us. We too love feeling this happy again. It has been a wonderful change. And we love to share him, so lets get together again soon. It was really fun to have you guys over.

DaNiEl & ShAnDi said...

How exciting! what a cute baby. Love the pictures!

Amy said...

I'm so happy for them. :) Great pictures!

Christina and Jeff said...

So sweet!

Rachel Smith said...

oh I can't wait to cuddle that baby and kiss his cheeks!
-and thanks for helping me out with the last minute cake recipe check! turned out great!