Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas

We had a great Christmas at our house. We were bummed Amanda got sick, hope your feeling better : ) We ended up at my Mom's Christmas Eve and did our annual Christmas pageant with the kiddos. They were so into it this year, Jaylee definately wanted to be Mary, and EJ wanted to be everything, Joseph, wiseman, shepherd, sheep, camel, donkey, even baby Jesus. He finally settled on being Joseph with a doll for baby Jesus. Jett just wouldn't hold still; much to EJ's disappointment. So Jett played the roll of "wandering sheep". The perfect part for a 15 month old!

The kids opened there annual Christmas Eve present Jammies! Although they have not yet figured out that they always get jammies on Christmas Eve. here is a pic in the new duds.

After we were done at my mom's we came home and the kids set out there cookies and milk, and wrote Santa a letter. They were so excited they were beside themselves. Jaylee kept asking about important things, like will Santa use our potty, or does he have a special one on his sleigh? Something I have never thought about hmmm?

Christmas is so fun with kids. I love it. It makes me feel like a kid again. We were definately spoiled rotten. Here is a pic of the loot Santa left. and the fun times had yesterday.

looking lovely christmas morning

A classic Jaylee reaction. She is so animated I love it. When she opened her art easel from Grandma & Grandpa Hoover she fell over. lol drama mama.

With Nana & Pop-pop

More pics with family

We love you everyone thanks for the great day. For those of you we didn't get to see on Christmas we hope your day was as great as ours Merry Christmas Everyone. We love you!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

More December fun 3 post 1 night record!!

Well here are a few more pics of our December fun. We have had a dizzying, dashing december. And can't believe Christmas is so close.

The kids all dressed up for church today. Don't they look cute! EJ has on his serious picture face. I don't know why, that is just what he told me while I was begging him to smile :-)

We built our annual ginger bread house earlier this week. Jaylee thought Santa needed to be on top. They did a great job, with less help from mom :)

After Jay's work party this year we went and saw the temple lights. Here is a rare pic of me and my hubby not surrounded by kids. Look closely you may not see one again for a long while :)

Here is a pic of the dresser we refinished that Kathy gave us. It turned out so good. Thanks again Kathy and Rich we love them.

3 posts in one night definately has to be a record for me.

Jazz Club Christmas party

We had our Jazz Club (my dance team) Christmas party this past week. Amy was so sweet to host the party for us, and hire a balloon guy. We had so much fun here are a few pics of the gals.
Mighty mini's

Jolly Jr's

Sassy Sr.'s

The beautiful Amber my lovely assistant. love ya girly

The cute setup

A few of the amazing balloons that were made.

Everyone seemed to have a great time. Merry Christmas girls. love ya!

EJ friend party

EJ had his first friend party this year. He had so much fun. Being the social kid he is, of course he wanted to invite a few more kids than mom had intended, but everything turned out great. We couldn't have asked for the party to go any better. We played Transformer duck, duck, goose. *(bumble bee, bumble bee, optimus prime) we built up our autobot army to battle the decepticons, went for a treasure hunt to find the all spark, had a pinata, and watched a transformer cartoon. The kids had a great time it turned out so good. After the party EJ came down looked around and said, Man I had a wild party. He is too funny.
The kids after the treasure hunt for the allspark

A few of EJ's party guests

The transformer decor

He had a great time even though it turned out to be a bigger party than originally planned! : ) Happy birthday baby. I love you.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Happy Birthday EJ

My baby turned 5 today. How did that happen? He had a great day today. So much fun having family over for a little party. He can hardly wait for his first friend party tomorrow.

Here are a few things I love about my boy.
He has the best sense of humor. He cracks me up daily.
He is very kind
He is a great listener. All day he was trying so hard to be good, he was an angel.
He is a great brother He loves and will protect his brother and sister.
He has a great memory, I can't beleive the things this kid remembers
He wants to learn
He has a great imagination.
He is my snuggler
He has 2 volumes loud and LOUDER
He says the funniest things
He is loving and truly a joy to be around
Here are a few pics of his fun day.

A Busy December

We have had quite the busy December so far, Mom's birthday was on the 4th. We did how to host a murder. It was so much fun. Everyone got into it. It was a blast. It was set aroiund a 50's high school reunion. Here is a pic of us.

Love you mom. Thanks for all you continue to do for me and my family You are such a great example for me. Love ya.
Jaylee had two performances last week. First she had her Christmas dance concert, where she performed her tap #. She is getting so big :(

The first grade also presented the Grinch. It was so cute to see her up there in a different environment then dance. She new everyones parts and was mouthing right along with them. LOL

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Long over due update.

Well I have gotten a little behind on my blogging. But here are a few pics of what we have been up to.
The week before Thanksgiving we had 4 performances, and all the rehearsals that go along with them.
My dancers performing at the UVU halftime. They did great and had a good time.

Art with Heart. The Benefit Concert the studio does for Shriners hospital. Here is a pic of Jaylee dressed like a "Who" from Dr Seuss.

Jaylee with the rose her friend gave her that made her day!

Ben and Teea invited us to a special evening that hospice puts on to remember those who passed away this year. It was a very nice evening, and I am grateful that they invite us to be apart of those events to remember sweet Kynslee. Teea read the poem that her mom wrote for Kyns, She is amazing, I don't think I could have done that. We all wrote Kynslee's name on a candle to put on the tree to remember her.

Thanksgiving was fun, We spent Thanksgiving with Jay's fam. It was a small group compared to my side gathering's, but it was really nice. We had more food than we could eat and good company to boot. he he
This is the only pic I got on Thanksgiving. Isn't it great

We also decided that Thanksgiving weekend was a great time to do a few home projects. We decided to paint! What a huge job that was. Thanks to my Father in Law for all his help. I need to take some after pics, it looks awesome.

We have also been refinishing some bedroom furniture my aunt Kathy gave us. It turned out so good. Thank you Kathy and Rich we absolutely love it, and it turned out great. When we get our room together I will post some after pics.
We also were able to put our tree up on Monday for family night always a good time.

Well I know this was a little long, but a glimpse into the crazy busy times over the past few weeks. Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving as well. I am truly grateful for my many blessings, and am thankful to my Father in Heaven for his guiding hand in my life.

I will be better at posting I promise!