Sunday, December 21, 2008

EJ friend party

EJ had his first friend party this year. He had so much fun. Being the social kid he is, of course he wanted to invite a few more kids than mom had intended, but everything turned out great. We couldn't have asked for the party to go any better. We played Transformer duck, duck, goose. *(bumble bee, bumble bee, optimus prime) we built up our autobot army to battle the decepticons, went for a treasure hunt to find the all spark, had a pinata, and watched a transformer cartoon. The kids had a great time it turned out so good. After the party EJ came down looked around and said, Man I had a wild party. He is too funny.
The kids after the treasure hunt for the allspark

A few of EJ's party guests

The transformer decor

He had a great time even though it turned out to be a bigger party than originally planned! : ) Happy birthday baby. I love you.

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