Tuesday, October 28, 2008

New Pictures!!

I am soooo excited! My friend Tiffany took pictures for us and they turned out so good! The first day we tried to take them it was so cold we were freezing. She was sweet enough to do another shoot for us. Thanks Tiff your awesome. I am thrilled I had so many to choose from it was hard to choose only a few. Here are a few of my favorites.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Conversations with EJ

Ej is so funny he cracks me up all the time. The other day I was eating a turkey sandwich and he says:
EJ "Hey mom do you think I like that?"
me "If you would try it I think you would."
EJ "Maybe I will when I am a big human, I am just a little human now!"
what? I couldn't stop laughing. Human? I don't know where he got that one. Maybe he talked about it at preschool or something!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Fun filled weekend

EJ has been begging us to take his training wheels off his bike for quite awhile. We finally took them off, and after about 1 try with Jay's help he was doing it! I couldn't beleive it. He is such a coordinated kid. He took to it so easily it was unbeleivable. I am such a proud mama.
Here is a video of our accomplishment!

On Saturday we had a birthday party for my sweet great grandma. We call her GG. She turned 98 at the end of September, and we were able to get a lot of the extended family together to celebrate. GG is a great example to all of those around her. She has such spunk. I hope that I can be a little like her. My kids are so blessed to get to know there great great grandma Miller. Here are a few pictures of the birthday bash. Our little fam with GG My grandma Lamb, and her mom GG :) . This one is to cute of GG with 2 of her girls Grandma Lamb, and Aunt Julie

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Kangaroo Zoo

On Monday we went to Kangaroo Zoo for family night. There was no one there. It was great! We practically had the place to ourselves and had a blast. The kids love everything there. Jett even got in on the action, as did Jay and I. EJ said he wants his birthday there again! Too fun.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

EJ's Field trip

On Friday I was able to go with EJ and his preschool to Hee Haw Farms. He was so excited to go on his very first field trip. It was so fun watching him interact with the other kids. Too cute. He loved the big white slide, although he would only go down on his stomach. He also liked the Hay ride, and picking his own pumpkin. Fall is too fun, it just is crazy that the holidays are right around the corner.
EJ on the big white slide!

Checking out how much we have grown

Feeding the goats. He didn't like the slobber left on his hands. eww!

On the Hay ride with his friends

I was pretty impressed with the timing of my pic, getting him mid air. looks like we have some hops!

With our pumpkin! a good pick.

On a side note, I have had an empty plate rack hanging on my wall for quite a while. My cute Mother in law has bought me a few plates to try to inspire me to fill it. Well I went to Tai Pan last week and got some cute fall plates for it. So I wanted to post how cute they look!

Sunday, October 5, 2008


Teea tagged me. So here goes.

8 TV shows I love to watch
American Idol
Every Body Loves Raymond
Dancing with the Stars
Little Einsteins (It makes Jett Happy)

8 Favorite Restaurants
Olive Garden
Happy Sumo
Macaroni Grill
Ruby River
Melting Pot
PF Changs

8 Things that happened yesterday
taught dance
watched conference
went to Costco
changed diapers :)
watched Heroes season 2
cleaned up after kids (at least 50 times)
kissed and hugged my kiddos
kissed my hubby : )

8 Things I look forward to
using my cricut more
finally finding my kids Halloween costumes
playing with Jett
watching EJ at Itty Bitty Football
watching Jaylee dance
actual dates with my hubby

8 things I love about fall
sunday drives in the canyon
walks around our neighborhood
the colors
hot chocolate
decorating my house

8 things on my wish list
more time with family
more time with extended family
get my house completely organized
accomplish everything on the "Mom" list
clothes (who doesn't need new clothes)
a purse I can not find the right one!

8 people I tag
Anne Marie

Friday, October 3, 2008

Itty Bitty Football

Any of you who have spoken with EJ lately knows he is doing football. He has been so excited he has told everyone, Even strangers! Well the first day of football finally came and he was so excited he could hardly stand it. He insisted on wearing his football player Halloween costume (from last year), I had to talk him out of wearing his shoulder pads and cleats. He is so cute.
I love watching him in classes and activities. If you know EJ you know he is all boy, and usually all over the place. But, when he is in a structured environment he is one of the most focused kids I have seen. It really is amazing. He will sit and listen and do whatever they ask. And he does really well. Of course I am probably a bit of a biased Mommy, but who isn't?
Itty Bitty Football is a great program they have through the cities teaching all the basic fundamentals. They go to different stations and practice passing, catching, kicking, running, etc.
After he was done he came over and said how awesome football was, and that his favorite parts were throwing, kicking, scoring the touchdown, and running. (pretty much everything!) We have football all month so I am sure I will have a few more pics to post.
We were leaving and he says to me "why does everyone say my football clothes are cute? Don't they know football players are tough not cute!" I just said because he looked so good in his uniform. He said then it was OK to say he was cute! LOL he cracks me up!

How cute is this pic! I could just squeeze him.

Look at that extension! Do we have a kicker on our hands?

By his team sign. The Packers. He wished he was a Cowboy :(

Running in his touchdown! He thought he was pretty tough!

Maybe a QB?